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Introduction to Xytheria!

Hello everyone! Xytheria is planned to release sometime between mid July! We are excited to announce custom dungeons/bosses and other features that will make your faction experience unique but still competitive!

Brief server Idea

You start of at level 1 and can buy a chicken spawner, you then have to sell mob heads in order to get enough coins to rank up to level 2. To rankup you must do /rankup, when you do this you’re teleported to a dungeon with a boss which you need to defeat in order to rankup, if you lose then your xp gets chopped in half. If you win, you get to rank up, keep your xp and there are crates that will drop when defeated which you can gain ranks/keys/money etc out of. The higher you rank up the better spawners you unlock, more power you get, better mines, more hourly pay etc.

FTOP Information

$3000 FTOP

- Paypal
$1200 - Buycraft

(More information will be released later on closer to release of the server)

Important Information

This server is owned by Sooh & Uninformed, any other versions of Xytheria are impersonations.

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